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ExoTesla, established in December 2022, is founded by Boris Petrovic, the esteemed Founder of the Nikola Tesla Institute. Committed to exploring the frontiers of Space Colonization and Civilization Development, ExoTesla recognizes the paramount importance of the Noosphere in fostering Cosmo-Planetary integration. Embracing this vital concept as the foundation of our developments, we are dedicated to forging new pathways towards a harmonious coexistence of humanity and the cosmos.

The Noosphere, a term coined by philosopher and geologist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, refers to the sphere of human thought and knowledge. At ExoTesla, we firmly believe that the Noosphere plays a pivotal role in facilitating a holistic understanding of the universe and enabling the integration of our civilization with the vast cosmic realm.

Our commitment to the Noosphere drives us to undertake cutting-edge research and development across various domains. By harnessing the power of technology, we create advanced simulation environments that transcend traditional boundaries, allowing for a comprehensive exploration of space and its complexities. These simulation environments serve as crucial tools in our quest to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos and pave the way for sustainable space colonization.

In addition to our focus on simulation environments, ExoTesla pioneers research in psychic energy, extra-sensorial perception, and the augmentation of human energy. Through these endeavors, we seek to unravel the hidden potentials of the human mind and tap into the cosmic energies that permeate the universe. By understanding and harnessing these psycho-energetic phenomena, we aim to bridge the gap between humanity and the cosmic forces that shape our existence.

ExoTesla also recognizes the significance of establishing meaningful connections beyond our planet. Through dedicated research in exo-politics and inter-species communication, we strive to foster mutual understanding and collaboration with extraterrestrial civilizations. By embracing the principles of astro-sociology, we delve into the intricacies of societal dynamics in the cosmic context, allowing us to develop a comprehensive understanding of civilization development in relation to the astronomical environment.

At ExoTesla, we envision a future where the Noosphere serves as the bridge between humanity and the cosmos, facilitating a harmonious integration that propels us towards new frontiers. Through our pioneering spirit, innovative research, and unwavering commitment to cosmic harmony, we invite you to join us in shaping a future where humanity thrives as an integral part of the vast cosmic tapestry. Together, let us embark on a transformative journey towards a future marked by knowledge, exploration, and the seamless integration of the Noosphere with the cosmic expanse.

Recognizing that any future endeavors in space research and commercial development, devoid of understanding of the psycho-energetic phenomena and involving the noosphere paradigm, are destined for failure, ExoTesla stands resolute as humanity approaches the precipice of civilization entropy. In light of this pressing reality, a novel paradigm for civilization development emerges as an imperative course of action.

ExoTesla announces the development of ExoTeslaSim as a Metaverse Space-Analog platform.


The exploration of space has always been a dream for humanity. With the advancements in technology, we are now able to simulate space environments and provide an experience that is close to reality. This presentation outlines a plan for a multiuser metaverse virtual reality analog astronaut simulation for a parametric Mars habitat.

The ExoTesla Sim virtual reality platform will be used for the analog astronaut simulation of a Mars Habitat. The platform will allow users to experience life on Mars and perform various tasks and experiments as part of their mission.

ExoTesla Sim Virtual Reality Platform

The ExoTesla Sim virtual reality platform is a state-of-the-art system designed for analog astronaut simulation. The platform provides a realistic environment that simulates the conditions on Mars. The platform incorporates advanced graphics and physics engines that enable users to interact with objects and perform various tasks.

The ExoTesla Sim virtual reality platform will be used to create scenarios for eight astronauts, with AI characters. Each astronaut will have a specific role, mission, and science objective to achieve during their time on Mars.

Scenarios for Astronauts

The eight astronauts will have different roles and responsibilities during their time on Mars. The first astronaut will be responsible for setting up the habitat and ensuring that all systems are functioning correctly. The second astronaut will be responsible for conducting experiments related to geology and mineralogy. The third astronaut will focus on studying the Martian atmosphere and weather patterns.

The fourth astronaut will be responsible for maintaining the life support systems and ensuring that they are functioning correctly. The fifth astronaut will focus on studying the biology of Martian organisms. The sixth astronaut will be responsible for conducting experiments related to physics and astronomy. The seventh astronaut will focus on communication and establishing a connection with Earth. The eighth astronaut will be responsible for conducting experiments related to human physiology and psychology.

Parametric Space Architecture Habitat

Parametric space architecture is a new approach to space habitat design that uses algorithms and computational tools to generate highly optimized and efficient designs. This approach allows designers to explore a wide range of design options and quickly iterate on their ideas.

A Mars analog astronaut habitat based on parametric space architecture would be able to adapt to the harsh and unpredictable conditions of the Martian environment, while also providing a comfortable and safe living space for the astronauts.

Closed Loop Systems

A closed loop system in a Mars habitat analog astronaut simulation refers to a self-sustaining environment in which all necessary resources, such as water, air, and food, are recycled and reused within the habitat. This system is crucial for long-duration space missions, as it reduces the need for resupply missions and allows for greater independence and sustainability.

When viewed from the perspective of a virtual reality digital twin application and space architecture design for a metaverse platform, the objective of a closed loop system is to provide a highly accurate and detailed simulation of the habitat's environmental control and life support systems, as well as the various processes involved in recycling and reusing resources.

Water and Air Purification Systems

One of the key components of a closed loop system is the water and air purification systems. These systems are responsible for filtering and cleaning the air and water within the habitat, ensuring that they are safe for human consumption and use.

In a virtual digital twin application, designers and engineers can explore and optimize these systems by simulating different scenarios and conditions. They can test the efficiency of different filters and materials, as well as the impact of different levels of contamination on the overall system performance.

Food Production and Waste Management Systems

Another important component of a closed loop system is the food production and waste management systems. These systems are responsible for growing plants and producing food, as well as managing and processing waste products.

In a virtual reality digital twin application, designers and engineers can explore and optimize these systems by simulating different crops and growing conditions, as well as different waste management strategies. They can also test the impact of different levels of resource availability on the overall system performance.


Power and Energy Systems

The power and energy systems in a closed loop system are responsible for generating and storing energy for the habitat. These systems can include solar panels, batteries, and other renewable energy sources.

In a virtual reality digital twin application, designers and engineers can explore and optimize these systems by simulating different energy sources and storage capacities, as well as different levels of energy consumption. They can also test the impact of different environmental conditions, such as dust storms or extreme temperatures, on the overall system performance.

Back-End Digital Twin Software

The back-end digital twin software will be used for parametric space architecture creation. The software will enable us to produce scenes and settings that accurately represent the conditions on Mars. The software will incorporate data from various sources, including satellite imagery and rover data, to create a realistic representation of the Martian environment.

The back-end digital twin software will also be used to monitor the performance of the ExoTesla Sim virtual reality platform. The software will provide real-time data on the performance of the platform, enabling us to make adjustments and improvements as needed.


Design Concepts

One of the key benefits of the parametric digital twin is that it allows for the exploration of different design concepts for Mars habitats. By adjusting various parameters such as size, shape, and layout, designers can test out different configurations and assess their feasibility in a simulated environment.

For example, one design concept might feature a modular habitat that can be expanded over time as more resources become available on Mars. Another concept might focus on maximizing energy efficiency by incorporating solar panels and other renewable energy sources into the design. The possibilities are endless, and the parametric digital twin provides a powerful tool for exploring them.


Metaverse Environment

One of the most exciting aspects of the parametric digital twin is that it can be developed and tested in a metaverse environment. This means that designers and engineers from around the world can collaborate on the project in real-time, sharing ideas and making adjustments as needed.

In addition, the metaverse environment allows for the creation of immersive simulations that can provide astronauts with a realistic training experience before they ever set foot on Mars. This can help prepare them for the challenges they will face during their mission, and ensure that they are able to operate the habitat safely and effectively.




Wider Adoption of ExoTesla Sim

The ExoTesla Sim virtual reality platform has the potential for wider adoption as a metaverse platform. The platform can be used to simulate environments beyond Mars, such as other planets and even fictional worlds. The platform can also be used for educational purposes, allowing students to learn about space exploration in a hands-on way.

The ExoTesla Sim virtual reality platform can also be used for entertainment purposes. The platform can be used to create immersive games and experiences that transport users to different worlds and environments.

Human Factors Research and Life Support Systems

The multi-user analog astronaut simulation platform will be used for human factors research and IOT data collection. The platform will collect data on psycho-physiology, enabling us to monitor the mental and physical health of the astronauts during their time on Mars. The data collected will be used to improve the design of future habitats and life support systems.

The closed loop system and technology for life support systems will be critical for the success of the mission. The system will recycle water and air within the habitat, reducing the need for resupply missions. The virtual reality interactions will be used for training purposes, allowing astronauts to practice emergency procedures and other critical tasks in a safe and controlled environment.

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EXOTESLA Mars Metaverse on Spatial uses real Mars Digital Terrain Models from
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Exo Tesla | Real Mars | Virtual Reality Terrain Sale
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Exo Tesla | Real Mars | Virtual Reality Terrain Sale
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Sustainable and Equitable Mars Village. A Plan for a Blockchain-Based Economy with Free Energy, Basic Income, and Economic Exchange with Earth.

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🌍 Discover Example Locations for Mars Village development, exploring the unique features and challenges of potential settlement sites. 🌄🔍
📍 Understand the Parameters guiding the selection of Mars Village development locations, considering factors such as geological stability, resource availability, and sustainability. 🗺️🔬
💼 Explore Commercial Opportunities in our Mars Settlement, offering science, technology, and products for Earth-based companies and space agencies. 🚀🌍
💡 Additionally, implementing a Blockchain-Based Economy, ensuring decentralized and secure economic transactions within the Mars Village. 🏦💱
🌞 Furthermore, focus on Free Energy and Basic Income Scheme promotes sustainability, fairness, and prosperity for all residents. 💡💰
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🔬 Explore the depths of space with ExoTesla Space GIS, a cutting-edge suite of tools, algorithms, and applications designed specifically for digital terrain processing on planetary and lunar bodies. 🌍🌕
🔭 With advanced features and functionalities, ExoTesla Space GIS enables scientists, researchers, and engineers to analyze and interpret planetary and lunar data with precision and accuracy. 📊🔬
🛠️ Process and manipulate digital terrain models (DTMs) acquired from various sources, enhancing data quality and extracting valuable features. 🧰💻
🌄 Conduct in-depth surface analysis, including slope analysis, aspect calculation, curvature analysis, to unravel the mysteries of planetary topography. 🏔️🌋
🛰️ Unleash automated feature extraction algorithms to detect and classify specific objects or geological formations, saving time and ensuring consistent results. 📡📈
📐 Visualize processed data with stunning 2D and 3D representations, overlay multiple data layers, and create customized maps and reports for enhanced data exploration and presentation. 🌟📊
🔗 Seamlessly integrate data from various sources, foster collaboration among researchers, and facilitate interoperability with other GIS software and data formats. 🤝🌐
🚀 Empower space exploration missions, advance planetary research, and contribute to geological mapping and hazard assessment with ExoTesla Space GIS. 🌌🔍

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🌐 Lunar Terrain Navigation: Journey through the intricacies of lunar landscapes with seamless terrain navigation. Explore the moon's surface with precision, leveraging ExoTesla SIM's advanced virtual reality capabilities. 🛰️🌑

🔬 Scientific Experimentation: Join analog astronauts in mission scenarios that transcend the ordinary. Conduct a myriad of scientific experiments on the lunar surface, pushing the boundaries of exploration and knowledge. 🧪👨‍🚀

🛠️ ExoTesla #Space #GIS: At the core of ExoTesla SIM lies the revolutionary ExoTesla Space GIS. Powered by real lunar surface digital terrain models from #NASA LROC, this component elevates the authenticity of the virtual experience, providing a true-to-life lunar environment. 🌐📡

🌌 Space Exploration Purpose: Developed explicitly for space exploration purposes, ExoTesla SIM signifies a leap forward in astronaut training. It integrates state-of-the-art technology with NASA-derived lunar data to create a dynamic and realistic training environment for analog astronauts. 🚀👩‍🚀

🚀 Join the Mission: Become a part of the ExoTesla SIM mission and witness the convergence of cutting-edge technology and space exploration. Whether you're a space enthusiast, scientist, or aspiring astronaut, this virtual odyssey awaits your exploration. 🚀👩‍🚀

ExoTesla Research

Archangel 1 Habitat: A Holistic Living Experience and Research Ground for Sustainable Space Exploration.

🏠🌌 #Archangel1 #Habitat #SpaceExploration #Sustainability
The next phase of the Archangel 1 habitat development involves the implementation of a parametric architecture plan that is both organic and radial. The plan involves personal housing units that are interconnected with community areas, such as the therapeutic sanctuary, study areas, and work areas. The architecture is designed to foster a sense of community and collaboration while also providing residents with privacy and personal space.
🏢🌿 #ParametricArchitecture #CommunityLiving #Collaboration
The housing units are designed to be modular and customizable, allowing residents to personalize their living spaces to meet their individual needs. The community areas are designed to promote interaction and collaboration, with open spaces that can be used for group activities and events.
🏠✨ #ModularDesign #CommunityInteraction
The therapeutic sanctuary is a space designed for relaxation and healing. It is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and features such as sound and light therapy, meditation rooms, and massage chairs. The sanctuary is designed to help residents manage stress and promote overall well-being.
🌿🧘‍♀️ #TherapeuticSanctuary #Relaxation #Wellbeing
The study and work areas are designed to provide residents with spaces to focus on their individual projects and goals. The areas are equipped with high-speed internet and state-of-the-art technology to support research, collaboration, and innovation.
📚💻 #StudyAreas #WorkAreas #Innovation
As an analog astronaut training ground, the Archangel 1 habitat will also feature a hibernation module for research and experimentation. The module is designed to simulate long-duration spaceflight and provide researchers with valuable insights into the physiological and psychological effects of hibernation on the human body.
🚀🛌 #AstronautTraining #HibernationModule #SpaceResearch
The habitat will also serve as a research ground for the study of the energetic human, bioelectricity, and the use of frequencies embedded in free energy systems. Researchers will explore the use of Nikola Tesla technology to harness free energy and apply it to the needs of the habitat.
⚡️🔬 #EnergeticHuman #Bioelectricity #FreeEnergy #Tesla #NikolaTesla
Overall, the Archangel 1 habitat is designed to provide a holistic living experience for residents while also serving as a research ground for the development of sustainable living practices for future space exploration.
🌍💫 #HolisticLiving #SustainableLiving #FutureExploration

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